You’re so SICK of having to put makeup on even if it's to go to the beach

  • You're finding you have to go through the same makeup-routine to go out anywhere, sometimes even to the grocery store because it's so embarrassing to show your skin the way it is
  • Some friends (or even strangers) may solicit advice on how you can clear your skin, making you feel even worse about how visible it really is, especially when you thought it was just starting to clear up  
  • Whether you’re on the train, at work, out with friends, it’s hard not to feel like everyone is staring at your skin

You avoid social and professional opportunities 

  • Every time you’re out (especially with your clear skinned girlfriends) you feel like you’re the ugly duckling
  • You may be missing out on career shifting meetings and networking because you feel ashamed and unworthy of the opportunities because you don’t ‘look’ the part 
  • It's hard to even fathom going out on dates, but when you do, it’s hard to feel sexy, appreciated and confident
  • You feel safest and most at ease, when you’re home alone

Sick of trying all the advice and products but nothing works 

  • $300 appointments for 10 minute consults and piles of prescriptions are not what you expected - you've done that once before but now you are wondering what else can be done
  • You want to explore how your lifestyle can complement what you're already doing to transform your skin  
  • You’ve tried everything but your skin doesn’t seem to be improving, and you aren’t sure what you’re supposed to do next to cure your acne